Ethical shopping is making the right choices for your family.

At Green Box eco shop we research the greenest and most sustainably made giftware for garden and home, so you can simply choose what makes you happy. Be safe in the knowledge that by shopping with us your choices include trusted products and information.

We’re on a mission to empower people to shop so that the things they surround themselves with matter – and in return, keep our planet safe. Products and designs made with care and love that will be treasured always and that will lift up our consciousness. Both our online store and Sorrento shop provide gorgeous giftware and homewares for you to shop, live and give with meaning.

  • The Piccolo Purse BLACK The Piccolo Purse TAN
    The Piccolo Purse - Beautifully handcrafted locally on the Mornington Peninsula, this gorgeous little coin purse is ideal for your cards and cash. Available in Tan and Black
  • The Essential Bag TAN The Essential Bag BLACK
    The Essential Bag. Beautifully handcrafted locally on the Mornington Peninsula, this leather bag is ideal for carrying your essentials. It fits a large mobile phone, credit cards, money and of course your lippy! Great for walks or going out. Available in Tan or Black
  • Tumut Broom handmade millet broom Tumut Broom handmade millet broom
    Handmade at The Tumut Broom Factory. The Tumut Broom Factory has been manufacturing handmade millet brooms since 1946 by the same family and is the last factory in Australia to supply the original product. All brooms are handmade at the factory, using 100% millet and quality Tasmanian oak handles.
  • GB051 Scrub Brush Scrub Brush
    Japanese inspired scrubbing brush combining two vegetable fibres, Tampico and Rice Root, together on a rounded comfortable to hold FSC certified rubberwood base to make the ultimate plastic-free, natural scrub brush.
  • Long Handle Scrubbing Brush Long Handle Scrubbing Brush
    This long handle scrubbing brush is made from FSC-certified untreated beechwood, this bathtub or shower brush is as eco-friendly as it is efficient. Its unique shape makes short work of cleaning out the tub or shower. The long handle making it comfortable to use. When discarded, the all-natural materials make it the ultimate plastic-free, natural scrub brush. It's also compostable. 
  • Eco Max Back Brush Long Handle Eco Max Back Brush Long Handle
    Eco Max Back Brush Long Handle The extra-long timber handle is ergonomically shaped to curve over the shoulder blade giving this brush excellent reach and perfect for people with mobility issues. The plastic-free Long Handled Back Brush is handmade from natural sisal.
  • Eco Max Toilet Brush Eco Max Toilet Brush
    Coconut fibre is anti-bacterial so it will not become smelly or mouldy, so it is ideal for the Eco Max Toilet Brush. The fibres will not discolour or flatten like a nylon brush and the curved shape allows the brush to easily clean under the lip and S bend. Best of all, because it is made from natural materials it won't add microplastic fibres to our waterways and food chain.
  • Eco Max Bottle Brush Medium Eco Max Bottle Brush Medium
    This Eco Max Bottle Brush is handmade from a natural antibacterial sustainable vegetable fibre. The handle is galvanised so it won’t rust and the brush is completely chemical-free. Ideal for jars, bottle or vases and other hard to reach areas. You can rinse and put your brush in the dish rack to dry. Dishwasher safe. Compostable.
  • Eco Max Dry Body Brush Eco Max Dry Body Brush
    Eco Max Dry Body Brush - This brush is handmade from sisal, a form of cactus with a medium strength vegetable fibre that is ideal for dry body brushing. Dry body brushing is a completely natural way to gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells, while increasing circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system to help detoxification.
  • Eco Max Pet Brush (Small) Eco Max Pet Brush (Small)
    The Eco Max Pet Brush Small is made from the naturally antibacterial fibres of mature coconut husks, which resist smells and mould and have soft, rounded ends to take care of your pet's sensitive skin.
  • Eco Max Nail Brush Eco Max Nail Brush
    Eco Max Nail Brush. This eco-friendly and natural Nail Brush is ethically handmade. 100% natural, toxin-free and plastic-free, Tampico naturally holds 65% more water than plastic, allowing you to scrub your nails without the need for running water.
  • String Tidy with Scissors String Tidy with Scissors
    String Tidy with Scissors - This neat turned oak kitchen string stand will add a little touch of elegance to any kitchen. From Shropshire in the UK, the stand comes with a ball of cotton string and a pair of stainless steel scissors. To help keep the string neat pull the string from the centre of the ball. Made in England from managed forests.